A bit of a Hike


Creeping up on me slowly is the micro trend for walking boots.


Penelope Chilvers  ‘Incredible Boot‘ is my absolute favourite choice for this trend. Very quirky with the up-turned piping detail. Out of my budget unfortunately at £429.


The ‘Rodriguez Boot‘ are beautiful and more affordable at £299.



These are from Russell & Bromley they are called the ‘SW Sledge Boot‘ and look lovely, £325.


These are the classic Timberland boots from Selfridges and are a budget friendly £160!


The high street option is from Bertie and certainly hits the trend, wear with hiking socks all slouchy around your ankle. only £115!

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Lovely Tuesday


Today I am day-dreaming about all the lovely things I have seen since the beginning of the year.

ByLarin shoes around £73 reduced from around £184

Penelope Chilvers 1930's inspired wedges from £80

by Malene Birger shirt £260 available from Donna Ida

To be continued…..

(4 hours later)……here

Zac Posen R-T-W Spring/Summer 2012

Zac Posen R-T-W Spring/Summer 2012

Mulberry SS12 Ready-to-Wear

I have to stop now, this could go on and on.

Transitional me


Since seeing the Jimmy Choo Justine-L bag my eye has been caught by all things yellow. Here are a few of my favourite eye-spies….

Rosebank Cardigan £85 Aubin & Wills

Dyce Sklinny Jean £80 Aubin & Wills

Sadie Cotton Lace Shift Dress £99 Phase Eight.

I would team any of these little beauties with a fab trench for this transitional stage.

Smartcatch Belted Trench £160 French Connection

And desert boots perhaps?

Safari Boots £238 Penelope Chilvers

Snow stuff


I guess many of you people are getting ready to ski. Not me, the nearest I am going to get is that fall on the icy Waitrose car park yesterday! I am a wuss, skiing and surfing scare me. But they have their own fashion scenes going on that I love checking out. Look at these snowboots, I would wear these to do the school run!

Penelope Chilvers Snowboots

Whilst I was looking for snowboots I discovered a little sale bargain, £175.

Curling boot in Kahki herringbone

Penelope Chilvers first came to my attention with the bespoke slippers you should definitely have a go on the design feature on the website it is so much fun.

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