Blue Collar


One of the things that stood out for me this fashion month, is that we should keep hold of this summers blue blouses/shirts. The trend of shirts tucked into skirts, whatever the length, is still going strong.

Michael Kors, Tome, Hugo Boss and Stella Jean on the runways for spring/summer 2015.

Here is some street style inspiration.

Out shopping? Here are two to have a look at.

Uniqlo £29.90 and The Kooples £130.

Michael Kors


Getting back to this season instead of the autumn shows that are showcasing at the moment, the Michael Kors spring/summer collection is beautiful. Equally perfect for me in my 40’s as those in their 20’s.

I love the cardigans worn with a belt, making it a more flattering way to show some midriff.

I love these maxi dresses, showing off curves in a ladylike and flattering way.

Big weekend? Tiny spend..


Jubilee celebrations are going off all over the counrty this weekend. In 1952 the country still had some rationing in place and people had to be thrifty and make a lot out of a little. With this in mind I decided to swoop on TK Maxx and see if you really could get good designer clobber for less.

I wrote a blog recently featuring handbag designer Angel Jackson and I couldn’t believe it when I found her bags available at amazing prices.

Clutch bag £89.99

Orange and black clutch £89.99

The red and white clutch is great for this season and the orange and black leather is amazing for an evening bag right now and will still look great through Autumn.

Then I found Michael Kors, a label that would normally be out of my price range but here we have two dresses that I think are an absolute bargain at these prices.

Lace print dress £79.99

The lace print dress perfect for a tea party.

Snake print knee length dress £59.99

This dress is great for a night out with your friends. Wear it with some layered pendant necklaces.

Versace Jeans heels £99.99

These shoes are a great colour and will be useful in your wardrobe for a long time.

Budget buy or spree spend?


Which would you do to work the African inspired trend?

Michael Kors dress £975

 This? Or…..

Mango £49.99

this? Or….

Holly Fulton Dress £660

this? Or….

Oasis Dress £42


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