Are you packed yet?


Unless you are Kate Moss the chances are you spend about 2 weeks out of your year on a beach holiday. You may spend 1 week skiing and maybe another week at a spa or a city break. The thing is that we spend quite a bit of money and time on new ‘stuff’ to pack for a very short time away. Then when we get home we store it away until the next holiday, but more often than not we go out and buy all over again.

I was the same in my single life, I went shopping for new everything, arriving at a foreign destination with all my clothes still having labels on them. Coming back to inclement Blighty never wearing them again and being too broke to buy any of the lovely new season collections arriving in stores. Nowadays I actually don’t buy different things for my holidays, everything I have is versatile enough for Surrey or Ibiza. Earlier this year I bought a bikini from Cos for a spring break , I wore it this morning to take my kids swimming and I will take it on that illusive last minute summer holiday.

It cost around £34,  They still have a few left online in the sale.

I usually throw the oldest one out and buy one new one. Leaving me with 3 or 4 bikini’s. The Birkenstocks I bought in the spring have hardly been off my feet and they will also be my holiday sandal. My beach cover ups will be my summer blouses, my tube skirts will be my beach to bar staple.

Maybe this sounds very boring and frugal but it’s actually born out of a creative urge to wear things differently. Usually I do buy one new outfit for a holiday, and that will be an evening outfit and it will still have the tags on when I unpack. Last year it was silk trousers and matching top from Selected. I wore it for drinks with a friend at a bar on the banks of Lake Como. I have worn those silk trousers a lot since, with a grey cashmere jumper and heels earlier this year and with a black tux jacket for my son’s Speech Day a few weeks ago. They also look great with skate shoes and a slogan t-shirt. The looks are so different but essentially it is the same thing. Less money spent, more creative energy used and a smaller wardrobe.

Of course this is all very well but many of you still will feel that a suitcase full of newness is what you need, not a list of how many ways to wear a silk shirt. So here is my alternative option, be a last minute sale shopper and buy things that are totally suited to your venue and yet are amazingly cheap! I have helped a client find the perfect kimono and playsuit and she spent around £200 for both but she does holiday at least 3 times a year! For the rest of us that are just going to be storing them away by the end of august for the moths to attack here are my top finds.




Mixing up separates always looks cool, especially with this fringed kimono as a cover up.


This satin camisole top will go with everything, smarten it up with a blazer when you get home.


These shorts would look equally great for a night out on holiday with that satin top as they would back home with a t shirt and pumps.


Shake the sand off your feet and slip these on for checking out the local flea market.

Everything here is from H&M and all for less than £50!

Admire Ashish?


Sportswear and sequins, that kind of sums up Ashish Autumn/Winter 2012/13. It has a youthful and edgy feel, mixing up night and day reminding me of the 90’s.


Even though it may seem only for the very young I think anyone can take echoes of it into their wardrobes. I can see myself swishing up the school path in a preppy sweatshirt adding a touch of sequin in either accessories or if I am feeling brave, a skirt. Pony tail bouncing!

Browns have some of the new season in store now.

The skirt is priced at £415 and the sweatshirt is £165.

Too expensive? Check out these alternatives.

Skirt here is only £14.99 from H&M, the sweatshirt from Superdry £44.99.

Fashion Conscious


Wow. They are busy those guy’s at H&M. It seems to me that there are new collections being launched every five minutes. I have only just got over the Marni collaboration and the fact I wasn’t quick enough to bag a deal! Then there was the news that they are planning to launch a luxury collection and now we have an off-shoot of the already existing Conscious Line, the Exclusive Conscious Collection. Still using sustainable fabric but with very glam designs.

As you can see they are definitely big-night-out worthy.

The prices are great with the grey ruffle maxi dress above only £199. Here are some of my ‘wear them everyday’ picks from the Conscious Line.

Blouse £19.99

Blazer £24.99

Dress £14.99

Check it out before it’s too late.


Take inspiration


I love Italian designer MSGM, I have blogged about the fabulous Cruise and Spring/Summer collections before. Well now that the Spring/Summer stock is well established in the stores I can show you some amazing little pieces to put together.

Cruise collection MSGM

Cruise MSGM

Spring/Summer MSGM

Matches have some great MSGM items and I think some pieces are well worth spending the extra on. This belt is great for updating your current wardrobe.

MSGM belt £60

Put this belt over a tunic like this one from H&M.

Dress £12.99

You could copy the MSGM outfit completely by adding a maxi-skirt and heels or just reference the over all look by wearing this tunic and belt with some tropical print shorts just peeking out below. If you have a bit of extra cash to spend and want to buy something that you will wear well into 2013 here are my tips.

Houndstooth jacket MSGM £488

Polka dot blouse £218

Just look what I found in Next…

Jubilee collection

Mix these great High Street finds with graphic prints or neon brights to emulate the MSGM style.

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