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I have been a ‘skinny jean girl’ for at least the last decade, before that it was bootcut jeans. I can hardly remember before that! I do remember a few trips to Kensington Market to buy second hand levi’s which were THE thing to wear in the early 90’s. Flared shapes have been having a comeback for a couple of seasons but for some reason I haven’t fancied them. It’s the ankle swingers that have caught my eye. They are wide around the ankle but not exactly flared and cropped. Here are what I’m talking about.


Donna Ida Kitty Ankle Swingers £175






Current/Elliot Cropped Straight Leg £250

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.34.39

Tory Burch Anna Cropped Flare £82.50

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.36.52

Tory Burch Cropped Straight Jean £82.50

Another Day Another Find


Reduced from £120 to £36!


Leon & Harper from the amazing Donna Ida online store.

2efa0db8e47735a2b41f75720c0d0e70 sweatshirt-with-bf-jeans x13296


Wear it with everything!

Sale steals


When I was in my twenties I would quite often go out shopping and be indecisive about what to buy and then come home with nothing. Only to, about an hour later, rush back out before closing to pick something up that I suddenly realised I could not live without.

Things are so much easier now, most of us do the window shopping on the internet before we actually go out on the High Street or just buy online. This makes sales shopping much less scary, you are no longer worrying that if you don’t buy it now someone else will beat you to it.

Anyway whilst wondering what on earth you are supposed to wear when your wardrobe is full of floaty summer dresses and yet outside it is blowing a gale, I turned to the Autumn/Winter predictions for inspiration. This weather means that my mind is focused on next season and when out shopping it will be easier for me to buy something that I will wear into next year.

For today I just can’t see my white jeans working in this murk! Maybe my floral jeans? Turned up with the water-wading wedges? I have worked that look so many times I am very bored of it. What I really need is a new print.

Look at these beauties, Mother jeans with a cherry print. Great colour and a definite look for next season too. Luckily they are in the Donna Ida sale at £125. Love them, turn them up with a pair of brogues. Wear a boyfriend blazer and turn your collar to the wind!

These Topshop jeans have a floral print but it is less Spring more September I think. The green is going to be great for Autumn too. Only £42!

These Current/Elliot jeans are a great sale buy, only £85! Again find them in Donna Ida. I am heading out to Guildford right now to try these on in store!


If not, why not?


It cannot have missed your attention that patterned jeans are a big ‘story’ for Spring/Summer. I am pretty sure I have talked about printed trousers before. It is a great way to add mad print or colour to your outfit, without the worry of the colour draining you.

The jeans masters Donna Ida have all the hero brands. The latest lust-after is the Current/Elliot stiletto jean.

Leopard £195

You would think I would be right out buying these, they tick all the fashion boxes. However, I have a few issues. One being I am 43 and slightly concerned about looking like a cougar out on the town. Secondly, £195! Ok I do spend a lot of money on clothes and my latest James jeans were the same price, but the pattern gives them a shelf life I think.

However, the Autumn/Winter shows still had print as a major feature so if you think wisely maybe that £200 price tag could be worth it?

Lake Ditsy Stiletto

This colour and pattern could have longevity. It is great for spring and I think if you wrap up warm for Autumn the colour will still go with the claret and muted tones we expect to see later this year.

Still not sure? Let’s take a look at the High Street and Topshop.

Moto Jeans £45

Pastel Geo Jean £45

Now at that price I think it would be silly not to at least give them a try?


Lovely Tuesday


Today I am day-dreaming about all the lovely things I have seen since the beginning of the year.

ByLarin shoes around £73 reduced from around £184

Penelope Chilvers 1930's inspired wedges from £80

by Malene Birger shirt £260 available from Donna Ida

To be continued…..

(4 hours later)……here

Zac Posen R-T-W Spring/Summer 2012

Zac Posen R-T-W Spring/Summer 2012

Mulberry SS12 Ready-to-Wear

I have to stop now, this could go on and on.

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