Wardrobe Edit

The Wardrobe Edit is the best way to kick start your new style journey by clearing out and organising your clothes in one fell swoop. Once you get over the visual chaos, we’ll show you how to start looking at your wardrobe in outfits, styles and occasions, and don’t worry, we’ll stay around to help you clear up afterwards.

The Wardrobe Edit lasts around 2 – 3 hours and costs from £150.
Call us on 07527 477692 or email us for more details.

Read on to see an example of the kind of steps we go through, don’t forget to take a deep breath!

  • First, we take a briefing from you and identify what you need from your wardrobe, for example specific work ensembles as well as how you spend your personal time
  • Next, we get everything out in the open and sort your clothes in to colours and styles
  • We’ll begin an appraisal by getting you to try a few things on and we’ll discuss what works (and what might not)

Once your Wardrobe edit is complete, we will also follow up with you by sending through a personalised look book containing style hints, recommended purchases and special offers from some of our partners, this additional service is complementary and totally personalised to you and your consultation. Take a peek at some of our example look books, created with Pinterest, one of the latest and best ways on the internet to share ideas visually.

Call us on 07527 477692 or email us for more details or to book an appointment.


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