We’ve created three solutions that can help you quickly organise your clothes, your style and the look you want to achieve. Don't worry, they don't hurt a bit!

Our Services

We feel the way you dress should be an outward display of your personality. You are telling the world about yourself, just like the way teenagers dress according to the type of music they listen to. When your wardrobe is teaming with clothes but you have nothing to wear that makes you feel good, then you need a bit of help. This is what we love doing, going through everything you own and organising outfits and looks that make you feel excited about getting dressed each day.

Don’t worry if none of these packages suit you perfectly as we also offer a bespoke service where we can create a solution based on your own individual needs.
Just call us on 07527 477 692 or email us to find out more about any of these services or to book an appointment.

Suitcase Edit Wardrobe Edit Personal Shopping

The Suitcase Edit is an easy way to start rethinking what you wear and how you want to be seen. We start by taking a few items from your wardrobe and transform them in to a great selection of new outfits.

The Wardrobe Edit is a full overhaul of your fashion life, weeding out the stuff that just doesn’t work and building a portfolio of fantastic looks that work whatever your daily routine.

We compliment both fashion ‘Edits’ with a personal shopping service that takes all the hassle out of keeping up-to-date with the latest styles, whether it’s a one-off or a regular engagement.
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